Here are some short video tutorials to help you with your English.  We will keep adding videos to this page, so keep visiting us to see what is new!

Please note, although we may use some of these resources in our lessons, all lessons are done via Skype video link to ensure a fully interactive and personalised lesson.

This video accompanies our Unit 1 Beginner 1 booklet.  It is suitable for learners new to English who speak little or no English.

A basic guide to the past, present and future simple and continuous verb tenses in English.

A comprehension for more advanced learners. 

Learn some new vocabulary, listen to a newspaper article about a 'super blue blood moon' and answer the questions at the end.

A comprehension about a 'random act of kindness'.  Learn some new vocabulary, listen to the newspaper article and have a go at the comprehension questions.

How to form comparative and superlative adjectives in English.

How to start a conversation in English